19. September | Dash Roadshowstop | Bosch Connectory | Stuttgart

“Cryptocurrencies have a huge potential and we’re going to have to learn more about Dash, there’s no getting around it.”

Torsten Haß from The Blockchain Institute in Nürtingen invited us to talk about cryptocurrencies and Dash at his Meet Up. We were happy to take up the invitation to present the entire lineup for the Dash Roadshow in Stuttgart: Jan Heinrich Meyer, Managing Director and founder of Dash Embassy D-A-CH, Gideon Gallasch, Managing Director of Blockchainhotel Essen and Klaus Himmer, Managing Director of CryptoTax. We visited the premises of the Bosch Connectory, where new and innovative ideas are being worked on diligently. As an example: They have programmed a 3D printer and a coffee machine in such a way that it is possible to pay them with Bosch Coins.

We were able to arrange interesting Q & A sessions and a total of 50 participants during the event. After that we ended the evening with a small group in the restaurant and further deepened specific questions.