Dash Roadshow | IHK Flensburg – Chamber of Commerce – Selker Abend | 16.10.2018

Rolf-Ejvind Sörensen, President of the IHK Flensburg (Chamber of Commerce Flensburg), welcomed the audience with the words: “Cryptocurrencies are a speculative asset. Can I trust the blockchain-based system and to what extent? We want to learn more about that today.”

Jan Heinrich Meyer, CEO and founder of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, and Elisabeth Rieger, tax accountant at the law firm Winheller from Frankfurt, talked to a group of interested participants from different sectors of industry and commerce about monetary policy, blockchain, DASH – Digital Cash and law & taxes in relation to cryptocurrencies. Their conclusion was that cryptocurrencies can be a valuable addition to the current monetary system and that it may be even useful to consider an alternative system. 

After the presentation, the participants discussed the topic with each other and shared their thoughts. The Dash Embassy D-A-CH provides information regarding the current system and cryptocurrencies and wants to provide thought-provoking impulses.

Stefan Wesemann, director of the IHK Schleswig, said about the evening:

Our expectations have been fully met by this event and the attendees gave us also a very positive feedback. The topic is exciting and highly innovative, and not all regulations and standards have been defined by now. Cryptocurrencies are already a vital part of our regional economy, either as a payment method or as a store of value, as a measure for the exchange of goods or services, as a speculative asset or as a source of revenue. The IHK is convinced that the financial world will change significantly as a result of digitisation.