Turkish translation for Dash Embassy website has been published

Only 8% of Germans own cryptocurrencies, but in Turkey there are more than twice that much. The depreciation of the Turkish lira and uncertainty about the economic future of the country created a climate in which a lot of people are looking for an alternative. Now the Dash Embassy is trying to demonstrate to these people that Dash is an alternative, and not as a speculative investment to become rich, but as a real currency which can benefit it’s users because it’s superior to state currencies.

Therefore the Dash Embassy participated in the Blockchain TR Summit in Ankara, and added the Turkish translation to the Dash Embassy site as a cornerstone of the project. Another important goal is to work with the Turkish immigrant communities in Germany and Austria.

You can select the Turkish-language version via the Turkish flag at the top right corner of the screen (desktop) or in the menu (mobile) or directly via this link: https://www.dash-embassy.org/?lang=tr

You can join the Turkish Telegram group through this link: https://t.me/dashturkey