BOS Germany now accepts Dash donations

BOS Germany now accepts Dash donations for the survival of the endangered orang-utan

Cryptocurrencies are speculative assets for a lot of people, but they are an important technological innovation for others because they are increasingly finding their way into their everyday lives. In the Advent and Christmas season, donations are just as much a part of everyday life for many people as shopping for Christmas presents and visiting a Christmas market.

Therefore, we are very happy that the Borneo Orang-Utan Survival Foundation (BOS) now accepts Dash as a donation method. The BOS Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit NGO founded in 1991 by Dr Willie Smits and has dedicated itself to protecting the endangered Orang-Utan and its habitat by involving the local population.

The Orang-Utan is living in the rainforest of Indonesia, which is one of the last places in the world with a huge biodiversity. They are the largest tree dwellers in the world and they play a central part in the ecosystem of the forest. They are very intelligent creatures, and they have an emotional world that is very similar to that of humans – those who threaten their survival by deforesting and scorching their forests for tropical woods, mineral resources and giant single-crop plantations.

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