Dash visits Kaufdahoam in Gmunden

“How usable are crypto currencies in everyday life if you can’t even buy food with them?” Many crypto users already had to answer this question, and most of them can only refer to restaurants, but the majority of people do not visit a restaurant every day, especially if there is only one local restaurant that accepts Dash or Bitcoin.

The wholesaler Kaufdahoam from Gmunden, which also delivers to Austria and Germany, represents a necessary step in the right direction. Crypto users are able to order many organic and local products from Austria, that can be used to prepare or refine a healthy meal. Locals can also shop on location or use one of the shop’s ATMs.

Klaus Hipfinger from the Dash Embassy D-A-CH visited the shop and was shown around by Rainer Tuppinger and Anita Strasser, the shop owners. They also carried out a purchase using Dash, which is available to every customer at Kaufdahoam.

Among the products Kaufdahoam offers are pasta, mustard, schnapps, wine, sausages and organic cosmetics.

Our visit to Kaufdahoam was captured in a short video: