Guest article: The DACH Embassy or why I became a DASHer

2017 was a strange year. Bitcoin kept going up, but I had no idea why. There was a lot of animosity in the BTC Community and everyone was arguing. Segwit or not. Big Blocks or not. It all felt like being at the playground watching kids throwing sand at each other while screaming “He started it!”. I thought that this can’t be the only way to deal with the most important invention of my lifetime, so I sought the internet for wisdom. I stumbled upon a German video where Jan (@essra) spoke at the Fintech Week Hamburg (

To give you a context, if you wanted to remain private while dealing with cryptocurrencies in Germany, you were more akin to recreating scenes from “The Wire” than “Jerry Maguire”.

So when I saw this young man talking about how “Cryptocurrencies make Banks obsolete” without fear of repercussions to a largely traditional finance audience, I was captivated.

After lots of reading and researching, I took the dive into unknown territory and agreed to meet in person at a DASH Meetup.

There he was, down to earth, laid back, casually spewing the inherent wrongs of fractional reserve banking in public. No weird looks, pitchforks or aluminum hats were served.
What was his motivation to do all this? He had a great career in marketing – he left and never looked back. The government didn’t bully him in his childhood – no reason to hate on the state. Why take the risk?

“Because I want to do something with my life that has meaning.”

That was the moment I was sold. If this guy throws away his good paying job to further the cause of free money, DASH has to be the answer to my worries.

Fast forward to 2018 and Jan is everywhere. At ARD, podcasts and doing interviews. Young bloods and old timers asking me if I have heard about DASH. Like Gandalf the wise I nod knowingly and fill them in on the gaps they still have. Converting people to use crypto has never been easier.

But German culture worships bargain-hunting, hoarding and word-of- mouth, so only a few really used crypto as a currency. And I was again at a crossroad. Shall I remain waiting for the big names to pick up cryptocurrencies or shall I make a difference like Jan?

Well, I chose the latter. So thank you Jan for your inspiration to become a better cryptoadvocate and entrepreneur. I’m counting on you to take DASH in Germany even further in 2019!

Guest article by Lawrence, owner of – Shopping PC hardware with DASH made easy. Private. Safe. Simple.