Goals and Mission of the DASH Embassy D-A-CH

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH has set itself the goal to educate people in the German speaking world about cryptocurrencies in general and Dash (Digital Cash) in particular. Part of the free learning opportunity that we’re providing as an organization that is financed by the Dash DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) are workshops, webinars, a brochure and a consulting service for merchants and consumers that want to use Dash.

We want to shine a light into the world of cryptocurrencies that many people perceive as opaque. We also want to provide information about legal questions like income taxes or technical questions like how to securely store your cryptocurrencies.




No matter if cryptocurrencies interest you for economical, political or ethical reasons: we will not only provide you with a complete introduction to the topics of cryptocurrency and Blockchain but also with detailed knowledge about their functionality.

Which questions do you have?

>> What is a cryptocurrency?

>> What is a Blockchain?

>> What is Dash?


We provide you with informational materials in text and video format but you can also join our information and consultation events if you have any additional questions that we can answer directly and face-to-face.

>> You can find our event calendar her


If you are interested in integrating Dash as a payment option into your online shop, physical store, gastronomy or event our merchant support is always eager to help you with the installation of the right PlugIn or the decision which PoS terminal to chose.

>> Arrange a free appointment


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